If I could, then I would.

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桜、池 by AO.yagi on Flickr.
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king’s college chapel from the back by wicc4n on Flickr.
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Anyone want a tumblr boyfriend? Cause I want a tumblr girlfriend, honestly I dont care if you arent famous Ill make you and Ill treat you like a princess. Follow me so I know youre interested. Ive been following everyone back lately, my dashboard is dead!

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Rollei35_Hatonosu_20130504_31 by Jun Takeuchi on Flickr.
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Winds and walls. by Alejandro Melero Carrillo on Flickr.
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i really like this bed and the person I slept on it with.
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39s by olebrodersen on Flickr.
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(14) Tumblr on We Heart It.
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road trip by karan_katoch on Flickr.
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The view from the parapet by karan_katoch on Flickr.